SHOPIFY – A Solid E-Commerce Option

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Sounds hard to believe, we know, but Shopify is a great hosted ecommerce solution that is easy to use and provides a lot of design flexibility. For us, Shopify is head and shoulders above the multitude of other hosted carts like 1shoppingcart, and a platform that offers some great features as well as a smooth check-out process without the headache and development costs of using something like the extremely powerful and complex Magento platform. FoxyCart is another great in-between solution that we’ll write about in another post.

A Few of Shopify’s Features

  • Standards-compliant, fully customizable themes are provided free to use with your account and you have complete control over HTML and CSS if you want to customize
  • Easy to add, list, edit, and organize products using their streamlined interface
  • Nice integration with third party download management services
  • Drag-and-drop ordering of product images
  • Multiple variants for each product allow options with unique inventory tracking, prices, weights
  • New order notifications via email, RSS, and SMS messaging
  • Email customers from within Shopify
  • Detailed reporting that connects seamlessly providing Google Analytics with e-com data

Check out their full feature list.

You do have to develop the store theme using Shopify’s custom ‘Liquid’ design code, and it does require some creative work-arounds to achieve a level of customization, but the community and support around the platform is good. The number of plugins for Shopify is still small but I hope to see more added this year. We have talked internally about developing a social media one and a reporting one, we’ll see…

BigCake Media has some great experience building out these stores on Shopify, and our customers have been really happy with the design and the platform. Check out these these 2 sites we did most recently: (under construction – see design below)

Converge Shopify Store Design

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